Y'all should all know the '60s garage standard "Hey Joe," if not as a garage standard, then via Seattle's Jimi Hendrix's English group, the Jimi Hendrix Experience version. Seriously, during the mid/late '60s, every rock band had a version. Well, while I'm still partial to all the garage-group versions, it was the Experience's version that history/classic rock radio never forgot. However, it was not an original Experience song, or arrangement; it was most likely Tim Rose's version* that inspired the. Experience's version, and all the everyone elses who followed with their own versions as well.

It's a great song no matter who does it. I've also always loved Deep Purple's version...it's, as the kids say, EPIC...and soul man Lee Moses has a solid slow-burnin', screamer version, too, GOD DAMN.

*The Music Machine's version was also "slowed down." However, it was only on their Turn On LP in 1966, not issued on 45 till 1968, long after the Experience version.