I love the first Gun LP, Gun—it's one of the few LPs I'll re-buy (not the re-issue, natch) when I find an affordable copy. From start to lysergic finish every song is well arranged, HEAVY pop/sike like "Rat Race" and "Sunshine," or chart worthy/radio friendly, uh...horn driven, prog...tho' shuffling as it does I guess you could call it boogie, "Race With The Devil." For all the GOODNESS of Gun, my fave track is a the last track, an epic opus, and no doubt their show closer, "Take Off." The drum solo be damned, it's all dramatic junga-junga churning and backwards guitars...and then it just...disintegrates. I. Love. It.

Heh. "You don't need a ticket, you just hafta close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to count to five." Those mofos is singing about smokin', y'all. Well, FUCK, why not listen to the entire album?!

The Gun were an English group which were formerly a hopeful R&B band on the German beat club circuit, the Knack. The core members were the two Gurvitz brothers, Paul and Adrian. After a second LP, Gunsight, the Gun split and the brothers eventually formed Three Man Army, later snagging Mr. Ginger Baker they became the Baker Gurvitz Army.