The vastly kick ass ggnzla Records are celebrating the release of their annual Soda Compilations today with a free show and barbeque. The 2012 Soda Comps contain over 47 tracks and four drinkable flavors. Bands include Pony Time, Strong Killings, Wimps, R. Stevie Moore, Jan Terri, The Trashies, Perpetual Ritual, Haunted Horses, Lindseys, The Pharmacy, Shannon and the Clams, Ziskis and more.

BBQ begins at 4:00, today. Music starts at 6:00. FREE !! At BLDGs, the parking lot behind Rebar. 1114 Howell St. There will be fresh ggnzla sodas for sale and hot chili dogs (donations welcome). Tv has been working on the chili for three days. Three kinds of beans, four kinds of peppers. Get your mouth and ears ready. Set times:

6pm - UBU ROI
6:30 - L'ATOMIUM
7:45 - ZISKIS
9:15 - CHICS
10pm - THE RACHELS (possibly a band that has something to do with Not Talking to Cops)

Spoken word from Kris Hall. And maybe a few covers by chef/boss TV Coahran.

The sodas are actual things, actual delicious liquids. You actually drink them. The bottles are cobalt glass and have hand screenprinted soda labels. They come with downloads, and a special ggnzla remix of a track by CONSIGNMENT. CD’s also available.

COLA (Jager Coke):

HWISKEY (Hazelnut Bourbon):

SQUINT (Gin Squirt. Grapefruit soda with a shot of gin):

TANG (Orange Tincture Drinkture. Orange drink with secret herbal ingredient):