Best Band Name Ever Has a New Release: Portland's Gaytheist releases Stealth Beats on Good to Die Records. Hold on to your butts.

Tell Your Children Not to Walk My Way: Misfit's bassist, Jerry Only talks of reuniting with Misfit's original singer, Danzig, making all of our juvenile hearts skip a beat.

Witchhunt's a Brewin': The Russian police are on the search for remaining members of Pussy Riot or possibly anyone up to shenanigans wearing a balaclava. Also, this lady rules.

Heavy Hitters in the Fall: Converge, Torche, and Kvelertak gear up for a U.S./European tour in promotion of Converge's new album, All We Love We Leave Behind due out October 9th.

Feast or Famine: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti new release, Mature Themes good, $1 million lawsuit from a former drummer, bad.

Thirty-Two Seconds of Shred: Stream the new Pig Destroyer track, The Underground Man and wish upon a star that your band was this good.

Hip Hop Comic: The Hip Hop Family Tree, get into it!