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First thing (not really) you need to know about Q: Drag queens will have their own designated bathroom. Second thing you need to know about Q: It will have a haze machine rather than one that spews smoke. Therefore you can get cool atmospheric treatment without the horrible odor and lung irritation. Thank you, Q brain trust.

Q club co-owner Scott Smith gave media a 15-minute tour of his new venue this afternoon. The space, which is being designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, still needs a lot of work and during the tour, workers were diligently working toward finishing construction of this 750-capacity dance club, which officially opens Sat. Sept. 8 with DJs Quentin Harris and Little Rock on the decks.

As you enter Q, you walk down a long corridor before countenancing the 1300 square foot main dance floor, which has an odd, curvaceous shape to it. There will be elevated spots on which to shake moneymakers, and the Funktion One sound system, fitted with huge bass bins, promises to make said shaking easy to do. There are two DJ booths, both of which are inaccessible to trainspotters. SJ Lighting—which has illuminated huge dance fests like Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival—will be responsible for the lighting. One odd fact about this system is it can be controlled and/or troubleshooted (troubleshot?) remotely by smartphone.

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Veering left from the main room, you encounter a huge oval bar over which 57 small, tubular lights hang. Near the bar is a stairway—where the old tenant’s old elevator shaft was located—that leads to the mezzanine level, which, Smith says, is going to have sexy blue and red lights and high-tension wires to keep revelers from tumbling down to their deaths.

Back on the first floor and near the Broadway Street entrance dwells a “bourbon lounge,” whose dominant color is going to be teal. Smith’s family is involved in the bourbon business, so he has access to that spirit in major quantities and qualities.


On the flyer for Q’s grand opening, Smith wrote, “We want to go back to the basics of what a club is supposed to be about—the best music and DJs on the planet, impeccable and incredibly polite service, stunning interior design and lighting, and a world renowned sound system.” I hope he and his crew can live up to those ambitious aims.


(One last thing. Smith said his business partner, Andy Rampl, is going to kill him for mentioning this, but he confessed that the club is named after the Q Continuum from Star Trek: The Next Generation. NERD!



(That's DJ Nark, aka Kevin Kauer, below.)


all photos by Kelly O