If you're a fan of disco with wild rhythm from the early 1980s (and who isn't), you'd be a fool to not have a listen to Larry Dixon. Shortly after leaving the armed forces, Dixon recorded the LP I'am So In Love live at the Copherbox Club in 1980. It doesn't really sound like a live recording at all, and I can't find any proof that the Copherbox Club existed, but it has brilliant funk and boogie elements that just screams I'm coked up on the Muzic Box dance floor. There's a specific sound from that era, like Ron Hardy's "Peaches and Prunes" edit, that just sounds so haphazard and reckless and great.


Not too much seems to be known about Larry Dixon (there's a brief history lesson here). Copies of the private pressing of I'am So In Love command big bucks on the collector market. Dixon released another LP five years later called Can't Price Love, which has a more polished sound that reflected the R&B happening in 1985. It's good in it's own right, but it doesn't match the lo-fi abandon of I'am So In Love.

I was reminded of Larry Dixon by a Facebox post by Andrew Brearley, who's also known as Meaty Ogre. He posted a photo of Can't Price Love with the simple caption, "Got em both now!" I'm guilty of coveting my neighbor's records (again).