Posts about today's battle in the ongoing war between Poster Giant—a poster company largely regarded as a gorilla-bully—and everybody else in the city are below. Poster Giant routinely wallpapers the building across the street from Stranger HQ with whatever is the going concern: concert ads, car ads, convention ads. They even have a reputation for covering up posters for shows and events that haven't happened yet, which is extraordinarily poor form.

But some people think that Poster Giant, which doesn't pay rent on those walls, nor owns those walls, nor has any kind of legitimate legal claim on those walls, needs a kick in the nuts. Last night, somebody put up a bunch of feminist posters with the words "girl army" scrawled in spray paint. This morning, some dude from PG covered up some of that with some posters for some video game. A few minutes ago, a woman showed up to fuck with PG by spray-painting "OH POSTER GIANT, UP YOURS!" (I'm sure you all get the reference, but here's the song anyway, in case you haven't enjoyed it in awhile.)

The spray-painter identified herself as "Sam—I'm a fucking feminist and have some fucking taste in public fucking space!" That's enough credentials for me.

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What's your next move, PG? If I were you, I'd avoid grandstanding, give the people what they want on 11th Ave, and keep making money while earning social capital.

But I'll be curious to see what you decide to do.