Here's a list of shit I'm tired of:

1. Lists.

2. The "hipster" label for everything people don't like, but aren't creative enough to describe any other way.

That said, this is a pretty good run down of bands that I'm just fed up with hearing/reading about. If you can get through the critiques without taking it personal, the writers have made some funny points, even about my beloved Bright Eyes.

LA Weekly goes on a list of the worst weekly magazines, btw.

Short list:

1. Bon IverSo true.
2. tUnE-yArDs — Their music is like a dog whistle to Chuck Klosterman.
3. Arcade Fire — Music writers: use the word "anthemic" one more time, wouldja?
4. Bright Eyes — Dude has been making music since he was like 10, maybe he should take a break?
5. Grizzly Bear — Grizzly bore, am I right?
6. Beirut — You listen to them, because I'm not gonna.
7. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti — We had this already, it was called Robert Smith, he had black hair, was actually interesting, and had a talented band called The Cure.
8. The Airborne Toxic Event — If ever a band name said STAY AWAY, it's this one.
9. Beach House — Yawn. The cucumber sandwich of bands.
10. White Rabbits — Percussion is just one element you can use, guys.
11. Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes — A very happy Manson Family special.
12. Pomplamoose — Like a flash mob of suck.
13. The Decemberists — The Hazards Of Loving someone so dramatic.
14. Wavves — No, pop punk is not cool after junior high.
15. Death Cab For CutieBremerton! Woot!
16. MGMT — GFYS.
17. fun. — wrong.
18. Sleigh Bells — I can't really stand to sit through a song of theirs, so I couldn't say.
19. TV On The Radio — Wait, what the? Fuck LA Weekly.
20. The Black Keys — #1 on my "Success: You're Doing It Wrong" list.