But I Want It Now!: You can find Deerhoof's new album, Breakup Song, in it's entirety via Youtube. The album will officially drop internationally September 3rd but here in the US, we'll have to wait until September 4th.

Tight Bros From Way Back When: We're in for a treat! Big Business released a new song for a future 7-inch which will be accompanied by a Siouxsie and the Banshees cover.

Austin, Texas Hogs All T=the Fun: Fun Fun Fun Fest gives us even more reason to party after the daily festivals end, with a series of Nite events.

Sickly Like The Wolf: 80's faves, Duran Duran are forced to cancel a half dozen shows on their current tour due to their keyboardist falling ill. Tour food'll do that to ya.

Metal in Your Face: Metallica has finalized an upcoming 3D flick. I'm kind of speechless.

To Foo or Not to Foo: Foo Fighters front man, Dave Grohl announced to a crowd in Reading, England that their Wasting Light tour would be their last, but a close friend says differently.

Springfield Is All a Buzz: The new season of The Simpsons will feature guest star appearances from a cache of worthy musicians like the Decemberists, Carrie Brownstein, Tom Waits, and Justin Bieber. Wait, who let Bieber in?