[This post has been amended since its original publication.]

After nearly three years in business, Capitol Hill bar the Living Room is closing its doors Aug. 31. However, there will be one last party tonight featuring several of the DJs who had nights at the establishment. (Disclosure: I DJed the Prog! bimonthly there, along with three other residents: Explorateur, Narvan, and Gel-Sol. Prog!—led by Andy Reichel, aka Gel-Sol, looks like it will relocate to Hazlewood in Ballard.)

According to capitolseattle.com, "There is no word on when the space will re-open with new ownership, a new name and a new way of doing things. We're told an East Williamsburg bar owner with some Seattle roots is coming back to town and will take over the space."

Well, it was fun while it lasted. The Living Room offered an intimate, welcoming atmosphere that totally lived up to its name, and owner Clay Roach, manager Joan Trower, and talent booker Josh Roberts displayed open minds toward adventurous music programming—a trait that's rare in Seattle... or any city, for that matter. At Prog!, we typically spun some of the most warped, out-there tunes ever recorded and never once were we censored.

Other nights like Portable Shrines' psych-rock monthly, Voltage Control's excursion into pre-1983 electronic music, Ill Cosby's Street Halo's exploration of future-bass productions, and the leftfield techno of Eric Moon and Laura Lamb's V.206 also unveiled lots of uncompromising sounds. There are many other examples, but it's getting late. Do know that the diversity of the Living Room's DJ nights and the unimpeachable aesthetics of their selectors made the Olive Way spot one of the most consistently rewarding places to frequent for serious music heads. It will be missed.

More info on the final blowout here.