ILLFIGHTYOU is a new group from Tacoma, Washington, Seattle's historically harder cousin; City Hall's EvergreenOne and Sandlot's Ugly Frank handle the majority of the vocals, while Sandlot's Khris P mans the production. (If you recall those last two names on Line Out recently, it was because I posted their song "Casino Royale"–likely you just slept, though. Don't make that mistake again?)

ILLFIGHTYOU's first single "92" is some hard, disrespectful rap for people that like and maybe even understand rap, a rarity in these days and times, when rap's ways and means are steady decontextualized for suburban squares and suckers of all stripes to feel involved. Even their name harkens back to a time and place outisde of the passive-agressive "chill, bro" paradigm, where you can get meatballed for taking liberties or talking reckless. (Not that that's a good system either, but it does tend to teach some valuable life lessons about respect.)

Frank delivers with well-kicked shit talk and Khris' no-frills, N.W.A.-esque piano bully-beat is a thrill—but it's the pugilistic Evergreen in particular that gets off, with some of his best rhyming and flow to date: "y'all bore me, I'm boarding my plane/eyes red, pills blue/bet I got the baddest crew, biggest chain". Sometimes, ignorance is bliss; I'm excited to hear their self-titled album whenever (or whoever) it drops.