Sure, this weekend the "Bumpershoot" is happening. FINE! But, did you know what else is ALSO happening?! The fucking FALLOUT SKATEBOARDS & RECORDS skate team is reuniting for a leetle PAR-TAY, and it's all happening SUNDAY, Sept 2nd, at the Funhouse!!

The Fallout Skate Team disbanded around 2 decades ago when the shop made a move toward books and comics. People spread out, moved on, and did some interesting things. The whole Fallout crew, including original owners Russ and Janet Battaglia and later owner Tim Hayes, will be there.

I'm sure it'll be an evening filled with BANDS, BOOZE, BONELESSES and...BACKSIDES!! Um...and perhaps an invert or two. Careful not to shackwackle your dillets, y'all. Also, prior to the Funhouse show, there is an all day skate session at the Lower Woodland skatepark. STOKED!

FUCK YEAH!! This looks to be an awesome event, and is sure to cast a loving glance back to Fallout Records' early years! Back then, in the '80s, it was THE record shop AND a skate shop in the Northwest.