It was easy to tell which people on the bus were going to the music festival. As three people sitting behind me discussed how many times they'd seen Jane's Addiction, they were interrupted when one of them answered a phone call. "That was my daughter," she explained to her friends after the call. "She hates her babysitter."

I had a small chat with the couple sitting across the aisle from me to prepare for festival interview mode. That's usually my favorite part of covering music, talking to the people who love to be there. People in general tend to like music, but festival goers particularly exciting. They're brimming over with enthusiasm!

The number eight, sometimes its late.
  • "The number eight, sometimes it's late."

What are you excited to see?

We're just going for the first day, we're excited to see Helio Sequence.

What are you going to eat this weekend?

I don't know, I haven't given too much thought to that. Elephant ears, maybe?


Yeah sure, corn I guess.

Do you feel that the price of Bumbershoot is fair?

I suppose. We're getting in for free. This is the first time I'm going because I didn't want to pay in the past. Transportation getting there is always a pain. I used to live in Portland.

Which city is better, Portland or Seattle?

You know, I love both cities, and Vancouver (laughs). There are definitely differences, but you know, some parts are different...

Yeah, but which one is better?

You know, I could live in all three...

But if you really had to pick?

I couldn't...really, I...

Ok, geez, thanks a lot!

Eventually, the bus dropped us off. Once inside, there were teens and corn dogs. It's going to be a wild weekend! This guy was dancing at Sera Cahoone*!

*More on that show SOON, goon.