(Full disclosure: my boss at the Stranger is in Tacocat. I'm also married to a member of Tacocat and have created art for their fliers and records. I also work part time at the label that puts out their records. I'll do my best to keep this post fair and accurate. Lisa Bonet was not in attendance, topical palindromes are hard!)


I was running late for my first ever trip to Bumbershoot yesterday. It was my foray into traveling by public transportation (I'm all growed up now, mama!) and I had no idea where to get off. I arrived at the Bumber-gates 15 minutes into Tacocat's scheduled set time, and it was like walking into a wonderland. From a distance, I could see plumes of bubbles and the familiar sounds of songs that I've heard so many times. When the crowd finally came into view, I was pleasantly surprised. A huge group of people were merrily bobbing in unison to Tacocat's brand of sophisticated(ish) pop party punk. Behind the band was a gigantic digital screen of themselves, only three stories taller. When the first song that I caught ended, a giant version of their name appeared on the screen in a hideous font, with a kerning error on the last letter.


I've never been to a Tacocat show that has lasted longer than 30 minutes, so I wasn't sure how they were going to fill the required hour. It seemed like a simple solution for them though, they simply played every song they'd ever written and tacked on covers by the Misfits and the Primitives. The between song banter wasn't excessive, there was a reference to Q13 Fox Morning News saying Tacocat has a song about a volcano. That song is about a top of the line weed vaporizer! When they played "UTI" from their first LP Shame Spiral, a group of teen girls in front of me all looked at each other looked at each other with their mouths open. They might not had heard of Tacocat before, but now they were instant fans. I smelled the stench of burning marijuana and noticed three young dudes smoking a blunt. A tall man with blonde hair repeatedly threw a baby safely into the air and caught it.

Tacocat was fortunate to have the noon time slot. Crowds of people were entering the festival near the Sub Pop stage and Tacocat was the first thing they'd see all day. I stood next to an older couple happily sharing an elephant ear while shoulder swaying. Eventually the hour was up and the crowd roared. Tacocat was triumphant.

I spotted some teens making trying to decide what they were going to do next and decided to get the youth opinion on what had just happened.

Um, what's your name?


What's your name?


Are you both teenagers?

Uh-huh. Yes.


What did you think of Tacocat?

Chi: Loved it.

Tanner: Yeah, I really loved it.

How about the way they looked?

Chi: Fucking awesome.

Tanner: I love the bassist's tattoo because it was a Bikini Kill tattoo and I love Riot Grrrl.

Who is your favorite member of Tacocat?

Chi: Probably Bree.

Tanner: It's hard to pick favorites, I like all of them?

And what was for breakfast?

Chi: No breakfast.

Tanner: Sourdough biscuits!

And with that, everybody was gone. Gone to lay in the sun and eat a corn dog. Gone to watch a guy juggle knives. Gone to hear a kid in a Slayer shirt shred to raise money for music school. Gone to pay some money to punch a guy in the stomach. I spent the rest of the day taking Emily's picture with people who stopped to compliment her. At one point, she signed a Pantera shirt.