(Seattle Center) See Stranger Suggests and pullout.

Samothrace, Witchburn, Plaster
(Highline) See preview.

Pollens, Tartufi, By Sunlight, Silian Rail
(Barboza) As mentioned in these pages before, Pollens rank as one of Seattle's most inventive pop groups. They're masters of captivating, interlocking African rhythms and dazzling, intricate vocal interplay among their well-oiled, gender-balanced, six-person lineup. Pollens' songs take flight through melodies that flow in unexpected yet catchy patterns over serpentine percussion foundations, lifting things far above indie-pop orthodoxy. Silian Rail play advanced-level math rock that's as pretty as it is convoluted, falling somewhere between Polvo and Don Caballero. Bay Area trio Tartufi aren't as frenetic as Pollens nor as angular (yes, no other word will do) as Silian Rail, but their alluring, arty rock complements both groups' sound. You might not flip your wig tonight, but you will raise your brow to "high." DAVE SEGAL

Baby Guns, Wishbeard, Perpetual Ritual
(Crocodile) Baby Guns are a fashionable trio of attractive humans making lugubrious gloom pop. Black-lacey synth and slow, eerie vocals create perfectly catchy songs for an '80s Halloween-themed prom in a funeral home. Wishbeard are a Seattle "queermocore" band that play lovely music for sailing to the moon in your dreamboat made of pizza. You can dance to Wishbeard, you can kiss to Wishbeard, and you can listen to Wishbeard and wish you had a wispy purple wizard beard. EMILY NOKES

Dave Matthews Band, the Avett Brothers, Allen Stone
(Gorge) Dave Matthews would like to personally invite you to ditch Bumbershoot and come to Hippie Lite™ country, where blond dreadlocks and sociology degrees, tasteful tie-dyed bandannas and professionally whitened teeth, Ganesha back tattoos and spray tans can finally frolic together through the weed-scented fields of George, Washington. Joining in the festivities are North Carolina's twangy, bluegrass-rolling Avett Brothers (who are actual brothers)—their songs sound like the "slowly walking away after a big talk" part of a romantic movie or perhaps an uplifting commercial for jam. Allen Stone will also be present, crooning the outdoors' pants off with his feel-good brand of soulful aunt rock. EMILY NOKES

Bell Biv Devour, Tony! Toni! Robbins!
(Sunset) I agreed to recommend this show based solely on the strength of the band names. Bell Biv Devour is, of course, a pristine creation, hucking the jagged percussion of "Poison" into the decomposing face of a zombie. And what Tony! Toni! Robbins! lacks in conceptual cohesion, it makes up for in rhythmic pizzazz. Perfunctory googling revealed nothing more about either band except that both are playing the Sunset tonight. Proceed at your own risk. DAVID SCHMADER