Allow me to introduce you to Andy and Allison, two particularly affable Seattleites at the music festival on Saturday afternoon. We had a short chat about festival foods and prices.

Its a luxury to have corn.
  • "It's a luxury to have corn."

How is the corn?

Andy: It's delicious.

How is the price of the corn?

Andy: It was reasonable, considering the drought.

There's a corn drought?

Andy: Why yes, there is a corn drought.

Because of the lack of rain.

Andy: Why yes, it's a luxury to have corn.

What else do you anticipate eating this weekend?

Andy: More corn.

How about yourself?

Allison: I don't know, something else probably.

Have you eaten anything yet so far?

Allison: Um, some lamb gyros.

How was that?

Allison: That was good.

How was the price of that?

Allison: It was kind of expensive.

Overall though, you'd say that things are fairly priced?

Andy: Yes.

Allison: Yes, I would say that.

And with that, we arrived at the heart of the matter. I should also note, during my conversation with Andy and Allison, I was all ears. Sorry about that.