The Dirtbombs
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  • The Dirtbombs

It’s a damn shame I had to cut out of Dirtbombs’ set after a half hour to catch some of AM & Shawn Lee’s, but oh what a 30 minutes it was.

I caught about six and a half songs, including a brutal cover of Sly & the Family Stone’s “Underdog” and a fantastic version of A Number of Names’ ominous and seductive “Shari Vari”; the latter’s from Dirtbombs’ last full-length, Party Store, which was one of the greatest concept albums ever: garage-rock renditions of Detroit techno classics. Nobody better than Dirtbombs to do this important job. They also did a seething, chugging run through of Thin Lizzy’s “Ode to a Black Man” and tackled “Motor City Baby” and “I Hear the Sirens” and a combustible, Who-like track I couldn’t identify as I was walking toward the Promenade to check out AM & Shawn Lee. Man, it killed me to bow out early, but a quirk in the schedule effed things up for me. Experienced live, Dirtbombs’ raw, rugged, ragged garage soul—now with two drummers chunking up the rhythms—is one of the best things about living.