• Suzi Pratt

There's too much happy in my heart right now to say much about this evening's Promise Ring set other than ERMEHGERD! PROMERSE RERNG! But holy shit was it so great to (finally) see the band live. They played for over an hour, with a 20-song set that spanned across their whole career. Heaven.

Davey von Bohlen bounced around and did this adorable foot shuffle, a time or two fucking up the lyrics to the songs, but it didn't matter. He teased friendly hecklers in the crowd, who were yelling things about Cap'n Jazz, Twizzlers, and Milwaukee, he made jokes about how old he is and how the band "forgot" to play for 10 years—guitarist Jason Gnewikow chimed in now and then to remind him to stay on task. Von Bohlen probably could've stood up there telling stories and talking to the crowd for the whole hour if it weren't for the whole "having to play songs for an audience that has been waiting for a decade to hear them" thing.

I didn't want it to end. I even liked the 30° Everywhere stuff (which, if you'll recall, I didn't dig so much in the past). I just, I can't. There aren't words. I'm tired and my brain is spaghetti and my heart is just so goddamn happy.

Let's just look at the photos and watch the videos and hold hands and smile.

The setlist and more photos and videos posted after the jump:

1. "Size of Your Life"
2. "Happiness Is All the Rage"
3. "Emergency! Emergency!"
4. "Jersey Shore"
5. "Red and Blue Jeans"
6. "Mixtape"
7. "A Picture Postcard"
8. "Become One Anything One Time"
9. "Skips a Beat (Over You)"
10. "Deep South"
11. "Why Did We Ever Meet?"
12. "Stop Playing Guitar"
13. "Nothing Feels Good"
14. "Is This Thing On?"
15. "Perfect Lines"
16. "E Texas Ave"
17. "Tell Everyone We're Dead"
18. "Red Paint"
19. "Everywhere In Denver"
20. "Forget Me"

  • Suzi Pratt

  • Suzi Pratt