This was posted yesterday, before Stranger Genius Award nominee Lori Goldston was added to the bill. Also added: Cap Lori, who is the wonderful Tennessee Rose.

I saw Daughn Gibson last week at the Neptune Theatre. While the Neptune reminded me of a giant old movie theatre mixed with a rural elementary school gymnasium, Gibson evoked thoughts of 1950's crooner Bobby Darin mixed with Whitehouse or Throbbing Gristle. He's sweet, weird, scary and endearing. Not to mention, quite a hunk!


Gibson was recently signed to Sub Pop, here's a good bio from their website. He'll be playing live at Hollow Earth Radio this Sunday. I scoured the interknot for a show time but came up empty handed. It's probably 7pm or 8pm or something. I just asked Hollow Earth's Garrett Kelly when the show was. His response: "Hella early. Like 7."