Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be at the show I was at Wednesday night, in the year 2012. But it happened—and it was amazing.

Since the Linkin Park/Incubus tour was announced, I (much like everyone else who spent time in middle school/high school listening to the End) got excited. But after seeing the price of tickets ($40-$70), I knew it was just a silly dream.


Thanks to an online contest, and me telling my awesome story that I wrote in the seventh grade about Linkin Park saving a small town from an alien invasion (I think I still have this somewhere buried in my room, illustrations and all), I got two tickets to the show at the very last minute.

I didn't know what to expect. I had never been to the Tacoma Dome before, nor have I ever seen Linkin Park or Incubus. I was stoked.

We show up in Tacoma (after getting lost because a drunk friend was running the GPS system on my phone—bad idea), snag a perfect parking place four blocks away from the Dome, and begin the night of jokes and sing-alongs.

We were too late for opening band Mutemath, and we definitely weren't the only ones not used to a show that starts at 7pm. We timed it perfectly though, right as we got out of the beer line, Incubus went on.

They were fun to watch. Brandon Boyd is still a babe. They played a couple of hits, the first one being "Wish You Were Here," which got everyone really excited. The band was summed up quickly by Boyd when he said "All of our songs are about making out." So true. Except for the few hits that they played, the set was mostly newer songs. And you could tell because fans were standing still, barely dancing or bobbing their heads, and instead taking pictures of Brandon Boyd playing bongos. Some of the songs were so new that you could see the drummer practicing parts of the song before they started playing it.

The worst part of the night (by far) was the 45-minute commercial between Incubus and Linkin Park. It only took the crew 10 minutes to set up the stage, but we all had to stand there and watch commercials about Honda Civic while listening to Linkin Park before they were going to play! It caused mayhem. There was a small fight in front of where we were standing, involving two girls in tank tops. Nothing good ever happens from that.

When Honda Civic was done preaching, Beastie Boy's "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" came on to introduce Linkin Park. There were DJ scratches, a lot of pointing, jumping, and "break downs." Seventh grade me was stoked. Twenty three-year-old me was tired. After about five songs we left the front and moved to the back.

All in all the night was awesome but really weird. It was the first time I've ever not smelled pot, but cigarettes inside a venue. We almost got in a fight, too, because a couple of girls didn't understand that there was no room for us to move so that they could stand with their boyfriends. That, and the guys in front of me were a good 6'3".