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  • Still from the video
"Branches," the new single from Chrome Canyon, is less bombastic than "Memories of a Scientist," which I wrote about here, though I'm still hearing a marked Vangelis influence. Morgan Z, an analog synth enthusiast with a college-job background in keyboard sales, also cites Wendy Carlos and Giorgio Moroder as influences, specifically their scores for Tron* and Cat People (in addition, he's provided remixes for Phoenix, Passion Pit, and Foster the People).

The most significant difference is the video, which he shot from his home in Brooklyn. There's less '80s damage to this time-lapse meditation on clouds, representing a more relaxed side of the director-musician-producer. I like it.

* I've seen A Clockwork Orange and The Shining several times each, and I love Carlos's chilly scores for those Kubrick films, but I still haven't seen either version of Tron, i.e. the original with Jeff Bridges and a Carlos score and the recent remake with Garrett Hedlund and a Daft Punk score.

Below: a stream of "Generations" and a preview of the full-length record.

I enjoyed this user comment about the song above: "This is what I imagine Gaff and Deckard in Blade Runner would be listening to in the hovercar on their way to the police station." Stones Throw releases Elemental Themes on Oct 9, 2012.