A must to avoid album.
  • Nipsh
  • A must to avoid album.

I am, admittedly, NOT A FAN OF THE DOORS. Even with all the group's weirdo psychedelic posturing, they never clicked with me. Of course, for the last FORTY years I've only ever heard them as a Top 40/classic rock radio band... in leather pants. However, there are some LP tracks I dig. It also could be their enforced pop cultural importance which never seemed deserving; for all their press/play they've always seemed a bit too... precious to be for real heavies. That said, I still fucking bristle whenever I happen upon a copy of the Doors album, Other Voices. See, after front man Jim Morrison's death the "other" members of the group continued on as a band still known as "the Doors." WEAK. I can only imagine they were betting on the name carrying them though. It didn't. Seriously, this record is fucking terrible.

I've never understood how some bands, which are so bound by a specific energy created by the individuals as acting as ONE, can continue on when it is obvious that energy has disappeared after a member leaves, or, in fact, actually DIES! Hello, Guns & Roses...also looking at you, The Who!? Oh yeah, almost forgot, Full Circle, the LP the Doors recorded AFTER Other Voices, is even WORSE! Fair warning.