After combing the entries for Collective Soul's "Shine" on, here's the best explanation I could find:

This song is awesome. I haven't heard it in a while, but a radio station in my hometown played it and I decided I wanted to pick it up from itunes, and I have been listening to it ever since.
I might be making a controversial statement here, and I know that Collective Soul usually puts a touch of Christianity here and there in most of their songs, but maybe this song isn't about christianity in specific, but maybe about good uplifting wholesome beliefs that help us be motivated to do good in the world. Notice how the entire song doesn't have a single mention of God, Christ or angles or any sort. And after having associated with many people of different faiths from around the world I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of faiths have some sort of belief in some version of heaven. I listen to this song and I hear a man crying to the heavens asking the god/s or whatever is out there to direct him and help him know what's out there.
I could be way off on the whole non-denominational thing, but that's just what I'm getting. Take it as you will.
(I am a firm believing Christian btw so I'm not trying to detract from other's belief in Christ.)