• Frank Blau
For those wanting to get out of town, and space travel with Papa Smurf, there is the 4th Annual WONK Festival. Tonight and tomorrow, all day, all night, 15 minutes south of Bellingham, outside of Alger, at the Lookout Arts Center Quarry - Home of the Dream Science Circus. WONK features two stages. Bands will be throwing down. There's camping, swimming, performance art, vending, and a late night laser show. There is a Late Night Dome. Gypsy men and women will very possibly be spinning glow-sticks in that dome. There will also be an older man who thinks he’s Papa Smurf. He will have a hemp knapsack and be handing out waffles. His real name is Howard, he’s from Burien, and he has a pet newt named Raymond Carver that lives in the plume of his beard. He doesn’t like it when people try to touch or grab Raymond Carver, so please be nice.

All WONK info - here.

Glenn Danzig will NOT be playing WONK fest. Promotions Director Austin Santiago spoke.

What does WONK stand for?

Wizards of the North Kascades.

What is the Dream Science Circus?

They run the grounds, which is basically an old rock quarry. Hippie, circus folk took over. Wild humans.

Will there be people spinning glow sticks who are high on drugs in the Thunder Dome?

Lots and wizard staffs made from rare glowing minerals. And Tina Turner.

Will the guy who thinks he's Papa Smurf be back?

His presence powers the whole event.