An in-the-works Screeching Weasel documentary has been shelved because producers are done dealing with Ben Weasel. According to the staff at Midway Pictures, What We Hate is no longer in production, purely because of the controversial lead singer.

In a post on Facebook, producers wrote that Weasel demanded final cut of the movie, even though he had previously agreed to let Midway make “an honest, thorough documentary.” The filmmakers say that ever since Weasel punched a woman at last year’s SXSW festival, he’s “been a nightmare,” and they’re “no longer allowed to speak with him directly.”

He just keeps barfing all over himself.

This isn't surprising news at all. A few weeks ago I got into a Facebook fight (ugh, I know) with Weasel over this piece I wrote about pop punk, puberty, and misogyny. He posted the story on his Facebook page, calling me a moron because he felt I misinterpreted his lyrics, and (clearly, without reading the piece) the Ben Weasel apologists came running.

I wanted to defend myself and my piece, so I got into the comment thread, too. He was demanding I apologize to him—I let him know I had nothing to apologize for. After exchanging words on SW's Facebook page with Ben himself (where he deleted comments that supported me, but left the ones that support him), I eventually just told him to take a nap. It was clear he was looking to fight a fight that didn't exist just to keep getting some attention, any attention. It was a shining moment of my year.

The fact that the makers of the documentary have found him to be impossible to work with only supports that Weasel needs a nap. Just chill out, guy. You need to stop trying to control the world. The angry punk rock dude isn't a good look for you in 2012.

While I'm sorry that the documentary won't see the light (I would really LOVE to hear what Dan Vapid and Larry Livermore have to say), at the same time I find it hilarious that the filmmakers weren't allowed to talk to Weasel directly, when, in my experience, all you have to do to have a conversation with him is say some shit on the internet and he'll come running. He's a control freak with a monstrous ego.

So, Ben Weasel, if you're reading this (your Google alert just went off, didn't it?): Fuck you.

Thanks for the tip, Tall Chris.