This amazing Everly Brothers' track, "A Voice Within," was a 'B' side/album track found on the flip of the single "Love of the Common People" and on their 1967 album, The Everly Brothers Sing. I doubt the track was never played on the radio, EVER, but it's good enough it should be considered rock canon.

Everyone should know the Everly Brothers via their long string of harmony filled rock/pop hits of the late ’50s/early '60s, but as the Brits distracted America in the mid '60s the Everlys' popularity evaporated. Odd, considering how influential the brothers' harmonies were on ALL them scouse beat groups. So, during the mid '60s, the Everlys took this "beat" music and re-made it their own. They succeeded at staying relevant, tho' without hits, from 1965 till 1967 by recording a string of solid LPs: Gone, Gone, Gone, Rock & Soul, Beat & Soul, In Our Image, Two Yanks in England, The Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers, and The Everly Brothers Sing. All SEVEN albums are great, yet greatly unknown. It's too bad, the albums are packed with a wide varity of writing, great self-penned songs, and the songs they cover are made over in classic Everly style.