God, I love Shannon Kringen. She's going to be a guest on Morgan's Martini Hour tomorrow (Wednesday) evening from 5-7pm on Hollow Earth Radio. Apparently, she's going to be giving free relationship advice and other bits of Kring wisdom. You can call in or write with your questions here: 971-Advice-9 / morgansmartinihour AT gmail.com.

Shannon + Derek
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  • Shannon + Derek

For those of you in the dark, Shannon Kringen is a local performance artist who hosted the public access television show Goddess Kring for a really, really, really, really long time. I met her once at a Jamba Juice, she seemed to be the most free human being in the entire world.

If I'm not mistaken, Morgan's Martini Hour is hosted by Morgan Dusatko, the same person who made this wonderful Kringumentary called Typecast Dragon: