I just realized that the only three bands I've been listening to all week are from the land of Canada! More specifically, all of these amazing punk rock bands are from the city of Vancouver, BC.

1.) WHITE LUNG: Last weekend, I went to the Rifflandia Festival in Victoria, BC. The best thing I saw there was the heavy, fast destructive punk rock band White Lung. I met two really nice, local teenage boys (I forgot that British Columbia's drinking age is 19!) at the show, each buying an armload of merch. They told me that they'd showed up early for Fucked Up, but were now in love with White Lung. WL's Facebook bio describes them as "three wicked witches and a greedy miser" and the album I've been listening to is called It's the Evil, so now I want to think of them as the punk rock incarnation of King Haggard from the Last Unicorn. Except, instead of King Haggard trapping unicorns in the ocean, I'd like to imagine that White Lung are trapping the souls of 19 year old boys.

White Lung
  • Lorie Moulton
  • White Lung

2.) NÜ SENSAE: I've been obsessed with the Nü Sensae album Sundowning all summer, ever since Kelly O wrote about them in June. Except, I haven't seen them play yet, because they played at Capitol Hill Block Party at 4 pm and I was distracted by Father John Misty's dance moves. They also played an 11 am(?!) set at the Toyota Free Yr Radio Stage at Bumbershoot when I was still sleeping. Luckily, they play Hollow Earth Radio October 12th. I don't want to miss them for another bogus reason, but eventually hope to see them in a dark, filthy basement show at the proper show time (1 or 2 am please).

3.) THE EVAPORATORS: Super fun Vancouver pop punkers in the Evaporators play tonight at the Funhouse! Don't blow it!

  • William R. Jans