No mere mortal can resist.
  • Kelly O
  • No mere mortal can resist.

OH MAN! Last night was fun! Everyone looked so good! I think some of my coworkers even showered. Wait, that's me I'm thinking of. I actually showered. The beer was flowing like wine, and by the end of the ceremony I wanted to hug everyone in the Moore Theatre.

But the best part was the impromptu Michael Jackson dance party. When the Seattle Rock Orchestra busted into "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," fancily dressed folks couldn't help but jump on the stage to dance! A surprised security guard tried to stop it, but you can't really tackle someone wearing sequins and/or a bow-tie (plus you'd have to be a zombie to resist the urge to dance to "Thriller" HA HA). Thank you Seattle Rock Orchestra. Thank you security lady. And THANK YOU geniuses! I really like having an excuse to buy $15 lipstick and tipsily gawk at beautiful people.

Keep on, with the force dont stop.
  • Kelly O
  • Keep on, with the force don't stop.