Finally, it's the moment we've all been waiting for! The extra special occasion that celebrates the shocking revelation that women play music (wow!) with Rolling Stone's Women Who Rock issue. Rolling Stone magazine chose six aspiring female-fronted acts to compete for the flip-cover of the special issue. In a year of Pussy Riot and Laura Jane Grace, the editors selected these pop stars by their impressive number of... YouTube hits.

Throughout the duration of the contest, we've been able to follow the women of the (heavily sponsored by Garnier Fructis*) competition in the "Style Files" section of, where viewers can enjoy videos of each contestant talking briefly about their music and personal style in a convoluted way that really just highlights their physical attributes (slow motion turning/hair tossing, playful pillow tossing, at one point the camera just stops on an extreme close-up of one finalist's butt, ETC.)

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The final two contestants have been narrowed down to finalists Rita Ora and Karmin (made famous with their YouTube Chris Brown cover.) Yawn. The winner will be announced sometime today.

This year, the contest also appears to have partnered with US Weekly to closely follow the female musicians' hair and fashion tips in their section titled "Rock Their Style." Watch as Garnier's stylists play huge part in rock n' roll history by showing us how to copy Carly Rae Jepsen's hairstyle with a bang wiglet. Rock on!

*"Music plays a central role in how Garnier Fructis connects with consumers to celebrate personal style," said Kat Peeler, Garnier Fructis Senior Vice President of Marketing.