IS THIS TRUE?! No joke, I heard THIS rumor last week at a local record shop. Yup, AND I'm inclined to believe this shit 'cause this information came from the mouth of a very important, and well connected, scene "mover" and/or "shaker", like, WHILE the first Eagles album, which I think is titled Cocaine Peppered Cocaine, buzzed lazily over the house speakers. Coincidence? WHOA! Oddly, or not, at this point in my life, I can't tell the difference between Allin and Henley. For serious. Well, 'cept Allin is dead. Uh, I'm not sure if y'all know this, but teh internet describes them BOTH as singer-songwriters. NO JOKE, so not even teh internet can tell the diff. So, again I ask, IS THIS TRUE?!? Does the nation now HATE Don Henley as much as it once HATED GG Allin? Hmmm, well, I know I hate Don Henley (tho' not as much as I hate Rod Stewart, godamn I fucking HATE that dickhead), 'cause when I hear THIS I feel like someone just took some poo and chucked it at me. That said, if Henley HAS replaced Allin should I expect LEGIONS of teenaged "Henley" wanna-bes lurking around? Uh, just like there usta be "punk" teenagers going through an obsessive and very awkward GG Allin phase in the late '90s?! If so, may God have mercy on us.