Attention, Implied Violence fans! Genius Award Winner and performance savant Mandie O'Connell (formerly one of the big cheeses behind the wildly successful Seattle-based experimental theater company Implied Violence) has just formed a new project out of Berlin called La Mission.

La Mission is a record label, a performance group, a cult, a community, a situationist art gang, and an awesome way to spend your time (and some of your money). In 2012 and 2013, La Mission will release five records by Beaner (cult leader/garbage mill/El Jefe). These releases will be celebrated with an experimental performance by Mandie O’Connell/Knuckle Cartel (co-cult leader/Headmistress/Naked Mennonite) and are accompanied by a satirical cult tract/hymn book edited by ethno-musicologist and PhD (the Techno Doctor) Luis Manuel-Garcia.

If you watch the "Sophisticated Booty Call" video above, you will find that they are currently crowd-sourcing for the physical releases and live performances that will accompany their initial debut. (For a mere $7, you get inducted in with a brand new cult membership card and La Mission's Digital Theme Song download. With a contribution of more than 5K, they fly to your location and throw you a private secret society/cult coming-of-age initiation fest with your closest friends, and provide a L.M. themed Quinceañera dress or yarmulke-n-tallit.)