Pizza shirt guy!!!
  • Derek Erdman
  • Pizza shirt guy!!!

On Friday I went on down to Belltown for the Ariel Pink & Friends Decibel showcase. I missed BODYGUARD, but got there just in time for DaM-FunK, which was pretty DaM boring (I KNOW what the little hat he puts on the 'a' means, I'm making that joke either way HA HA). He started off with some promising funkiness, but it turned out to be just repetitive repetitiveness forever, eternally, without end, etc. There WAS a keytar involved though, which did add some points! Always points for keytars!

Ariel Pink
  • Ariel Pink

I saw Ariel Pink having a cigarette outside before his show and really wanted to crack his back and give him some posture tips like an overbearing aunt—"You're so cute! You just need to stand up straight! You're going to be hunched over by the time you're 50!"

Mr. Pink started his set with a song about nymphomaniacs, which included an extended "Love Me Do" breakdown (with the lyrics changed to be too dirty for me to want to type right now). I think I saw five songs, and they all sounded true-to-recording. I'm only telling you that because people have grumbled in the past about his live shows sucking because his lo lo lofi recordings are hard to mimic with a band. Grumble no more!

I then sped over to the Funhouse to see the Unnatural Helpers show. Everyone was raving about the three opening bands (which I missed because I COULDN'T WIN WITH THESE SHOW TIMINGS)—Survival Knife, Stickers, and Wimps (LOVE Stickers Wimps, hope to see Survival Knife soooon). The Helpers finale included an extended jam session featuring friends on trombone and saxophone!

Helpers n horns!
  • Helpers n' horns!