During the filming of Tea Cozies’ video for “Muchos Dracula,” a creature was disturbed/unearthed. That creature subsequently became known as… The Beast. Here now is that story for you.

I’ve heard tell that you awoke a terrible thing during filming. What was awoken?

Tea Cozies: Less than a week before we made the video, which was filmed in our basement, we encountered a giant spider we called The Beast. It was literally tarantula-sized, and fast. We think the reverberations of our music roused it from its beastly slumber and it came out with guns a-blazin’. No one slept easy that night. The day before the shoot, our director and Brady were in the basement staging the lights. The Beast emerged and scurried across the floor (SERIOUSLY IT’S SO HUGE YOU CAN HEAR IT WHEN IT SCURRIES.) Brady jumped four feet in the air and the director, Rich, screamed like a child but proceeded to bring his shoe down on The Beast, mortally injuring it. We all feel bad now, but we are certain the spirit of The Beast haunts that music video.

What message does The Beast communicate from his afterlife realm?

That drinking beer is REALLY hard through a mask. And that he, or she is totally pissed.

Tea Cozies play Saturday, Oct. 27th at Columbia City Theater.