· Decibel Festival, also known as Dave Segal's Birthday and Christmas Combined Festival, was a success. Here is what you may have missed: "a fluctuating bass tone that felt like a blanket sweeping over you and tucking you in for your eternal dirt nap," "deep drone zones, sculpted airplane- engine roar, lopsided house music, mid- tempo funk, and a Moog-like babble," "intricate electro steez with punishing bass," and "there were 17 laptops onstage."

· A rep from EAW, the company that equipped Neumos with extra-powerful speakers during Decibel, told the festival's officials that the goal was "to leave stretch marks on your face." Mission accomplished! We've never heard such invasive bass frequencies in our lives.

· The Blue Moon Tavern in the University District has booked all-female Soundgarden cover band Bleed Together for Friday, October 5, and all-female Radiohead cover band Pablo Honeys for Saturday, October 6. Booker Jason Josephes says, "I didn't plan on this, it just happened."

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