Though there's still three months left, I'm pretty sure that Hospitality's debut album will be my favorite of the year. It's twee as fuck, full of bouncy fun melodies covered in really dour lyrics. I've driven my roommate crazy with it, playing it incessantly. Just five minutes ago, she declared "UH OH," and admitted that she likes "Friends of Friends." I excitedly explained to her that the video features a character from Arrested Development (she's a fan, I'm not), she agreed to watch it. Then she asked, "Is this cuddle core?"


Every song on the above record is great. Also playing tonight at Barboza is our very own Detective Agency, a splendid mix of garage and shoegaze. Somewhere in the middle is Brooklyn's Teen, a group picked by Stereogum as a "band to watch." I'll suggest watching them too, because they're great.