Sub Pop released the first LP by Toronto's Metz yesterday. Everybody I've played it for has been blown away, it's a calculated noisy mess that values repetition enough to make it stick in your head.

During a conversation about how to get away from describing music without referencing other music, somebody tossed in a comparison of instruments being dragged on a highway behind a truck. It also sounds somewhat like band members falling down a really long flight of stairs. Wait, what am I even talking about?

Crowdsourced opinions below, or just listen to the track and come up with your own.

Jon Harthun: I love it. But that's not very quote worthy. You know when bands get a little too into the closing number of a live set, smashing guitars and kicking over the drum set? The album is a half hour of that.

James Burns: They have some jams, for sure. At least Sub Pop didn't sign another band that sounds like Soft Hits Of The 70's.

Kelly O'Neil: Troy Nelson said on Saturday, on KEXP that they were "like Nirvana on steroids"

Cameron Elliott: Better than the Damn Yankees.

Greg Franklin: I thought Canadians were supposed to be friendly.

Ethan Kirschner: IS ANYONE ELSE NAKED?

Nick Buriča: This album is now the darling of p4k; watch out America, underground domination imminent.

Metz will play at Barboza on 11/02 with the Unwound-related Survival Knife.