When one thinks of local bands Seapony and Orca Team, machismo is usually one of the last words that is applied as an adjective. On a recent Facebox art show thread, Seapony guitarist Danny Rowland and Orca Team leader Leif Anders got into some sort of vague faux-tough guy virtual squabble. The conversation is copied below, but the real question is, which of these information superhighway supermen will win when it comes to actual fisticuffs?


Danny R.: will there be beer at this thing
Derek Erdman: "there will be some beer at this thing."
Danny R.: i'm not going then
Danny R.: i know you saw that coming, but seriously, can you give me a reason to play metal guitar?
Danny R.: to hell with seapony i'm talking about EASTER ISLAND
Danny R.: i have a list of people that i want to fight i wonder if any of them will be there?
Danny R.: a list of people i want to get beat up by
Danny R.: i'll go dig up the list
Danny R.: 1. Leif Anders
Danny R.: 2. Dan Miles
Danny R.: 3. Ian Brewer
Danny R.: j/k about the brewester
Leif Anders: I don't know. Might be a pretty even fight. Those quiet guys can hit hard.
Danny R.: do you have any martial arts training?
Danny R.: i'm a straight brawler
Danny R.: i heard you been talking smack
Leif Anders: Really? I hope not. I feel like I've been pretty respectful lately. Maybe not. Okay, you wanna get this thing goin'? We can step outside when I'm back in town.
Danny R.: YES and you'd better put some socks on
Leif Anders: You know I hate socks.
Danny R.: And stop asking people how their name appears on their birth certificate
Danny R.: That's weird
Leif Anders: I'm just super curious.
Leif Anders: Suzi might be Susanne for all I know.
Danny R.: it's not appropriate
Danny R.: what's YOUR real last name
Danny R.: how does your name appear?
Danny R.: Is Leif even your real name?
Leif Anders: Yeah. But Anders isn't my real last name (mystery gasp)

Danny R.: i knew it wasn't
Danny R.: so what is it i'm super curious
Danny R.: Flanders
Danny R.: Smith
Leif Anders: It's inappropriate Daniel. Don't ask.
Danny R.: Then don't ask Suzi
Leif Anders: Too late.
Leif Anders: It was actually Suzette. Fine taste in my opinion.
Leif Anders: I can't even go to this event. I really want to though. I'll be out of town. Sorry Mr. Erdman.
Danny R.: I can't go either then
Danny R.: Plus there's gonna be a bunch of beer'ing going on.
Danny R.: And as you know I'm in recovery
Danny R.: Don't forget what I said about wearing socks
Derek Erdman: Can I quote this thread on the Stranger blog?
Leif Anders: Yes indeed.
Derek Erdman: Danny?
Danny R.: YES sorry I was talking about wrestling with my boss
Danny R.: I thought Superfly Snooka died in the 80's
Danny R.: i sure hope Leif is wearing a bow tie when i kick his ass
Leif Anders: Don't get any of your wuss blood on my tux when I rupture your spleen.
Danny R.: i'm going to strangle you with that damn thing
Danny R.: and then put socks on your corpse
Leif Anders: I'll only have socks on at my funeral. And in snow.
Danny R.: WTF
Leif Anders: And I'm totally going to through your shitty solid state amp off a freeway. Buy some tubes. Your girlfriend does.
Danny R.: I want something I can smash your skull with you not worry about breaking some frilly ass tube
Danny R.: speaking of throwing things off of a freeway - i called the cops on two suspicious non-transient guys walking down the off-ramp with matching roller suitcases
Danny R.: if you throw my amp off a freeway you're going off with it
Danny R.: i'm going home this is boring
Leif Anders: When I'm done skinning you, I will use your face blubber as my new socks. I'll make ice skates out of your bones and teeth. I don't know how they will hold up because you are intensely weak.
Leif Anders: Also, good call on the cop call for the suitcase transients.
Leif Anders: Please don't die for a month.
Ruben Mendez: Everyone on this thread are wimps. Except me. I am from the streets. I fight with chains. I give chains black eyes and I've put one or two chains in the hospital.
Leif Anders: Just let Daniel and I earn some suburban street cred. We have to start somewhere.
Danny R.: The only wimps on this thread are Derek Erdman and Ruben Mendez and Leaf Flanders and me
Danny R.: I'll die whenever I feel like it Leaf
Danny R.: I'm from Oklahoma goddamnit
Leif Anders: Even worse.
Leif Anders: B T Dub. I was Oklahoma City yesterday and I thought it was pretty cool. A guy told me that it was like the third largest city in the US which I didn't believe. On a quick wiki check it was around the 40th largest city.