This post is part of a series comparing the best haunted houses in the Seattle area. Be on the lookout for others in the coming days. Share your opinions in the comments, if you'd like! This post comes from our dispatched haunt reporter Lacey Swain of the Coconut Coolouts and Charming Snakes.

Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds is the result of a relationship that began in 2003 between several local families who were hosting their own annual haunted houses and the Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Department, and the enthusiasm and hard work shows. The main event is located in the Chicken and Archery building, but ticketing and an indoor line are located in a seemingly unmarked barn structure. Not only can you buy a burger and garlic Parmesan cheese fries before you go in, they also have a local youth dace troupe performing a creepy Halloween themed dance routine before you enter.

  • Lacey Swain

KHF begins with a walk through a black-light lit psychedelic freak out area where you're required to wear prism-y 3-D glasses. There aren't a ton of scares in this area, and when you come to the end and hand your glasses back to a little girl with a cardboard box you find yourself a little irritated that you've just dropped twelve bones on this low-scare kiddie haunt. Don't fret, that's just the first building of this massive, outstandingly well-done celebration of all things creepy.

  • Kelly O

In the next building you are yelled at and mocked by a ghoul who lays down the storyline of Otis and Lester and their dreams of making a Hollywood movie before you are let loose in one of the best haunted houses I've ever attended. There are numerous scenes in KHFG, all done with an exacting eye and astonishing attention to detail. One of the biggest assets of KHFG is the sheer physicality of the whole thing—you're ducking and climbing and running through an elaborate set with scares aplenty, and at one point you are even encouraged to climb through a pipe. There is a wuss option next to the pipe, but c'mon—put on your big boy pants and take the pipe already. This area can take a good half hour to get through, and that's not even counting the rave room or the dancing kids from earlier.

  • Kelly O

Without giving anything more away, I will tell you that this haunts ends with one of the most sophisticated mind-fucks I've ever encountered at a haunted house.This is not that totally fucked up one in New York that my crew discussed on the ride home that involves a SARS mask, signing a waiver about violent and sexual situations and entering solo with a flashlight. These guys have gone above and beyond and the $12 price tag is the best bargain you'll find at any local haunt, hands down. Every weekend through Halloween, plus Halloween and the following weekend.

Kitsap County Fairgounds: 5:00-6:00 lights on 6:00-11:00 full scare $12/$20 VIP (2 times through + front of the line)