This post is part of a series to compare the best haunted houses in the Seattle area. Be on the lookout for others in the coming days. Share your opinions in the comments, if you'd like! This post comes from our dispatched haunt reporter Lacey Swain of the Coconut Coolouts and Charming Snakes.

Kitsap County is the place to be for authentic Halloween scares, and the Scrapyard Massacre is the perfect place to begin a haunted evening. After a ten or so mile drive from the ferry terminal in Bremerton you arrive at a real live auto wrecking yard in Belfair, WA that becomes a thrilling, mostly outdoors maze of frights.

This year's storyline involves some sort of zombie apocalypse quarantine situation where food is scarce so folks have resorted to eating dogs. It's a Libertarian paradise with Don't-Tread-On-Me types lurking around every turn, screaming about taxes, and urging you to save yourself. Scrapyard Massacre's best resource is its inherently creepy setting: smashed cars, oil barrels and other detritus line the maze that leads you through several different areas, both inside and out, and even the drive out there can creep you out if you're traveling with the right bunch of ghouls.

  • Lacey Swain

Our group waited outside in line in what was one of the first actual semi-heavy rains of the season for a little over an hour before we were let into the Massacre, and although we were soaked to the bone, the queue was good for awkward teenage date watching, complete with requisite creepy and costumed employees weaving through the line to scare unsuspecting patrons. Scrapyard Massacre is geared towards an older crowd, and it seems like they've put all the tween and under set to work within the haunt itself as Children of the Corn creepers because, honestly, children really are fucking terrifying, especially in the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere.

  • Lacey Swain

Last year one my cohorts pissed her pants twice at this thing, and this year we all got soaked, so, uh, bring some extra pants, too.

Scrap Yard Massacre 25603 N.E. SR3 Belfair, WA 98528
$15/$13 w/ can of food / 7:30-midnight