I KNOW...BUT...seriously...DJing with you PHONE?! Fine. I'm curious. I never have tried, prolly won't either, to DJ with my mobile phone. Even IF it is loaded with MILLION DOLLAR JAMS (and it fucking is) I won't. DON'T WORRY. I recently saw a DJ at a wedding, a for real DJ who plays a lot around town, who was selecting tracks, off'a his phone. He was a friend of the groom, so it was a favor, but as he was doing a favor he couldn't be arsed to bring proper gear, rather he used his phone's MP3 player. I watched worried he was gonna get a call! Um...so, IS THIS A THING NOW? Like, MP3s is JUST MP3s, I know, but, as such, delivery don't matter anymore?! Like, at all?!