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If Crypts’ modular synth crunk-noise were a finger painting of the sky, the Seattle threesome would fuck it right in the eyeless, half-smiling yellow-orange sun. The band checked in from their confines last night at the Medford, OR Red Lion Hotel. Crypts play tonight in Sacramento at Harlow's. They'd been in Portland the previous two nights, and say they saw no strippers, and ate no steak. For Steve Snere, Bryce Brown, and Nick Bartoletti, I'm sure it's been board games of Parcheesi, the entire time. Radjaw (Gregory Smith) is tour managing, and going through video-game withdrawal. We spoke. He's terrible at Parcheesi.

How's tour?

Radjaw: One brunch so far was shitty, one brunch was delicious. I ate a bacon-wrapped date. I drank two bloody jerks. Nick had to stop at the store to check out some synths and we checked into multiple vintage stores so Steve could get new shoes. Everyone agrees that Bryce looks like a young Bea Arthur. I made a picture of Steve as we listened to the debate whirling through thunderstorms on I-5 South. There was gallon of Evan Williams. Steve loves to pee in bottles. Nick ended up buying some new modules today. I have no idea what he's talking about. [Speaks to Nick.] Where did you go today?

Nick: To Control Voltage to pick up two new modules for his Analog Modular Synthesizer. It's a touch controller and a four-step sequencer.

Bea and Bryce
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Radjaw: What do the modules do?

Nick: Most of them are for video. A voltage-controlled audio and video that you use to make projections and sounds. The main intent of it was to process video signal but because it can process audio at the same time. I'm trying to make visuals with sound. I like the experimental nature of it and the controls. The live control of the machine.

Radjaw: How much did it cost?

Nick: Enough.

Bryce: Nick, can you roll us a joint?

Nick: Yes.

Steve: Is that being mean?

Nick: No.

Crypts live, from the Medford Red Lion:

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