When this band was relevant, I gleefully lumped 'em in with all the shitpop britpop of the time; I wasn't interested. Mainly 'cause, just like now, I was listening to period sike/soul records and anything in the NOW seemed pale. Then one morning, by chance, I heard Kula Shaker over a thrift store's house stereo and I thought whoever they were, they were a better piss take of the MC5 than a LOT of bands that were MC5 wannabes. Eventually I found their K album and, after some listening through real speakers, I found, tho' they sometimes used the contemporary/cliche' '90s onward English rock reliance on that two-and-uh three-and-four syncopated DANCE beat the Rolling Stones invented, they did seem to have a sort of a Kyuss level awareness/appreciation for nailing the atmposhere of some period sike groups. Not that they aren't above sounding silly and contrived; (ahem) "Govinda" for example, but still, when they were on, it was fantastic. Um, so...here is K in it's entirety.

Gosh, not a lot of MC5 there, nope...not at all!