In 1985, Bay Area thrash legends Exodus released their debut album, Bonded By Blood. In case you’ve never listened to this shredding masterpiece-of-a-record, consider it your homework to lace up some high top white sneakers, crack open a six pack of shitty beer and sit through these 9 tracks. Sure, we all know Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer are known as the classic “Big Four” of thrash, but if we’re allowed to go back and make some amendments due to latter day sins, let’s scratch the Met–clan from the equation and insert Exodus.

While Exodus’ near-perfect album is surely an inspiration for this weekly column, the name is truly where the meaning lies. In the weeks, months and (hopefully) years to come, I will attempt to shine a light on the heavier side of the Northwest music scene—be it punk, metal, hardcore or noise (or all of the above). I fully realize how huge of an undertaking this is, and believe me, it’s pretty fucking daunting. But I’ll do my best to try and represent the scenes that got me to where I am today and continue to be my lifeblood.

But before I jump into everything, I’d like to give a little bit of background as to who I am. For the past 2 ½ years, I’ve been the co-host of Metal Shop, a weekly 4-hour radio show on 99.9 KISW in Seattle. It’s truly a dream come true—I’m allowed to play whatever fucked up, brutal metal I come across for thousands of listeners each week. I’ve also been able to bro down and drink with some of my metal heroes (Lemmy, Kerry King, Lombardo, etc.). Prior to that, I was the co-host of Dead Air (a three-hour hardcore and punk specialty show on Green River Community College) and hosted Dance Floor Justice (a weekly 80’straight-edge hardcore-leaning radio show on KUGS in Bellingham). I grew up on punk, fell in love with hardcore, and then later developed a distinct taste for metal. Because of this, it’s my desire to represent all three of these scenes. And if I’m doing a shit job, find me at a show and let me know!

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a stacked-as-hell tour in a near sold out El Corazon. As always, Boston’s metallic hardcore heroes Converge played a stellar headlining set, mixing brand new songs off their stripped-down, back to basics full length All We Love We Leave Behind with classics from their immense back catalogue. But for me, the true treat of the evening was Norwegian black n’ roller’s Kvelertak. These dudes have been forced to skip Seattle a couple times in the past year due to passport problems, so it was nice to see them bring their unique brand of party metal to a seemingly unsuspecting audience. Imagine AC/DC thrown into a blender with Gorgoroth. So. Fucking. Rad.

Just like every year, this next week will be a fun one for fans of heavy noises made by weirdos in ridiculous costumes. If you’re looking for places to parade your “sexy Harry Potter” getup around, consider hitting up the Funhouse to drain a few cold ones and bid farewell to a true Seattle landmark. Yay Condos! Their Halloween blowout falls on the same night that they’re closing their doors and will feature the always fantastic gender-bending Misfits tribute band Glenn or Glenda?, Poop Attack (L O Fuckin' L), Blood Orange Paradise, Last Gasp, The Downstrokes, Tight Lies and CCAA. If you can’t wait 'til Wednesday to fashion your hair into a devil lock and croon your heart out, show up to the Funhouse on Saturday to see Snakes Of Christ, a tribute band that focuses primarily on Danzig's sultry, soul-stealing solo material.

So long Funhouse crew! You’ve served the scene well. See you in hell.