That's a lot of zeros!
  • Kerri Harrop
  • So very great!

Local label Sub Pop donated $25,000 to Washington United for Marriage today. That is so fucking cool.

It's getting down to the wire, friends. Hopefully by now you've received your ballot and filled in the APPROVE bubble for R-74 (and, you know, avoided voting for Jesus). BUT THERE'S MORE YOU CAN DO TO HELP! Washington United for Marriage has a match in place until midnight tonight, which DOUBLES all donations. If you can donate, you should.

While we're on the subject, Music for Marriage Equality project manager, Kerri Harrop, just received an anonymous donation of $7,500 from a local musician and his wife on her fundraiser page. The majority of donations to MME have been made by Seattle DJs, band members, and bar owners—way to go music community! Click here to donate—there is a $20,000 goal in place, and it's currently just $2,000 shy.