Today is National Cat Day! In honor of this important holiday, let's think about cat songs. The first songs that come to mind are the Cure's "All Cats Are Grey" and "Love Cats" (don't miss the exceptional lip-synching/fake playing in this video).

Then we have...
Al Stewart - “Year of the Cat”
Stray Cats - “Stray Cat Strut”
The Nuge - “Cat Scratch Fever"
Elton John - “Honky Cat”
Dinosaur Jr. - "Cats in a Bowl"
The Kinks - "Phenomenal Cat"
Squeeze - "Cool For Cats"
David Bowie - "Cat People"
Janet Jackson - "Black Cat"
Devo - "Pink Pussy Cat" (ew)
Husker Du - "How to Skin a Cat" (ew x2)

I'm sure there are a million more. Not to mention bands that have "cat" in their name (pssshhhhh). WHAT ELSE?