The Central Cinema is so close to my house that sometimes I like to think of it as a second living room. Rather than see a movie as the main entertainment for the night, I'll just go over there to eat dinner while watching the early movie. Imagine anybody's delight to find that tonight's early movie is 1988's colossal cop-buster Action Jackson.

Muy peligroso!
  • Muy peligroso!

OH MAN, ALL-STAR CAST. Carl "Apollo Creed" Weathers, Craig "Coach-Poltergeist Dad" T. Nelson, Sharon "Mensa" Stone, Thomas "Biff Tannen" F. Wilson, and "Nasty Girl" Denise Katrina Matthews, aka Vanity. Action Jackson was a Cinemax staple on late-1980s cable TV, so there's a good chance that Generation X/Y types have already seen it 37 times. I know I have.

Essentially, Vanity is a heroin addicted pop singer and mistress of a businessman whose wife Sgt. Jericho "Action" Jackson has been framed for murdering. After Jackson begins investigating some union members, he finds that the businessman is the one who has been doing the murdering. Action Jackson gets help from Dee, a spunky hairstylist who also has a lot of insider information about the crooked businessman and the union. What happens in the end? Do Vanity and Sharon Stone get topless? Yeah, duh.

Watch the trailer below! I'll see you there tonight! Get some Sno-Caps.