Hardly Art's La Sera is sort of like a delightful comet, coming through town on a sparse but regular basis—an event to go out of your way to see. Their lilting sound can recall the Shirelles and sometimes the Marine Girls with electric guitars, alas, it's great. And with Tacocat and Chastity Belt also on the bill, you're not even going to be able to go wrong.


I had a quick chat with La Sera's Kickball Katy a few minutes ago, which went nearly exactly like this:

Katy, hello. How are you?

I'm good, we're just driving to Seattle right now.

Are you on the freeway?

We are on the 5 south. We just played in Vancouver last night.

You were in Canada on election night.

It would have been cool to be in America on election night, but everyone at the show was also excited.

Is it hard to vote on the road?

I actually email voted! It helped!

What was for lunch today?

Subway. Always Subway.

Do you get the same sandwich every time?

I mix it up between veggie patties and tuna melts.

What do you know about Tacocat?

I know a lot about Tacocat. I love Tacocat. Best band of all time.

How do you feel about Seattle?

I love Seattle. We listen to the Savage Love podcast, all day, everyday on tour. Plus, my label is there. It's the best!

La Sera, Tacocat, & Chastity Belt, 7:30 pm - $11 ($10 w/ club card). VERA’s office & show/art space is located on the Corner of Warren & Republican Ave N, next to the Key Arena in Seattle Center (they're tucked back under the awning).
Ultra disclosure: I think a Stranger staff member is in Tacocat.