I can't remember when I first heard of Dwell Taylor, British Columbia's #1 life coach. I do know that he has or has not given me tips to improve my life, with his plans for "optimizing" my life. It's hard to tell if Taylor's ideas are a put on, but they're certainly interesting and funny. The below video will give you an idea of his sound advice:

If you're willing to base your life experience on risking everything for optimal life performance (I think), then you should probably take in one of Taylor's rare Seattle appearances this weekend.

This from Dwell Taylor's people:

Did you know that you literally have animals inside you that help you even when you can't feel them? They're called TOTEM GUIDES and YOU DO!

Did you know that you should call your "goals" TOTEM GOALS? You should, because if you don't your TOTEM GUIDES won't even bother helping you with them. THEY'LL LEAVE!

Did you know that you will fail unless you introduce yourself to these TOTEM GUIDES via my services? I'm a certified shaman (and Canadian). YOU WILL!

"You can make a million dollars, and give it all away." - Dwell Taylor

Taylor will perform at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater, November 15th & 16th at 7pm. Food and drinks will be served.