Eyes do not deceive: this is Sabzi, the producer half of the Blue Scholars and Made In Heights, rapping about pho.

I saw him.

This would be the first product of Sabzi's long-promised Townfolk project, which has a Kickstarter for you to support, if you're truly 'bout that beef broth and rice noodle life.

I created a brand/label/something called TOWNFOLK as a workshop to play around with experimental ideas. What you're seeing here is our first full project.

Like many of you, my friends and I eat pho. Hella.

During a conversation over lunch at the Pho Bac one day, an idea came up for an iconic poster displaying the ingredients of this soup. One thing led to another and eventually this conversation evolved into a complete project involving some rapping, a music video, and a mini line of goods all revolving around contemporary pho culture.

This Kickstarter was created to raise the funds required to manufacture some of the design work from this project in order to make it available so that you too can rep pho life.

We aim to produce:

1) Two runs of premium quality offset prints with a spot-gloss varnish on silk cover paper for two different phở poster designs
2) Illustrated 8-button set
3) Illustrated sticker sheet
4) Custom chopsticks

If you're reppin this pho life, then don't hesitate to pledge, plair.

NOW, if the weather's got you down, and you're in the mood for that bowl—but can't leave the crib: please don't forget about Derek Erdman's $32 pho home delivery service.